Remember those case studies you thought were so great?

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One of the longstanding dynamics between marketing and sales goes something like this:
Sales: “Marketing keeps giving us content we can’t use. It’s not relevant and customer-focused.”

Marketing: “Sales asks for all of these sales tools, we deliver them–and then they just sit there.”


This kind of dialogue would be OK if it was actionable: if it occurred between marketing and sales in a constructive manner that was based on data, not anecdotes.  However the fact is that:

  • These complaints tend to be made within the respective departments–or to senior management–not between marketing and sales, so they can get resolved.
  • These are anecdotes, not data, so they are easy to argue over and hard to act on.


What solves problems like this?  Facts. That are visible to everyone.


This is why one of the most important aspects of sales enablement is for sales teams to have the ability to systemically rate each piece of content in a quantifiable and actionable way.

  • It has to be easy and quick for sales: give them a one-click way to assess content on a simple 1-to-5 scale.
  • Ideally they can use a simple mobile app to rate content and don’t have to go to a special sales portal to log in.
  • The results have to displayed in aggregate to everyone–sales and marketing–so decisions can be made.
  • And in looking at the results, both teams have to put aside their egos and focus on what’s best for the company.


You’ll find that there’s nothing like open data to brings problems to the forefront so they can be prioritized and addressed.


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