Meet appnetic

We’re passionate about making it easier for companies to sell more by enabling salespeople to spend more time selling and less time hunting for and using the right marketing and sales tools.

Tien Wong

Chief Executive Officer
Twitter: @tienwong

Bill Smith

VP Of Product and Growth

George Churchwell

Business Development
Twitter: @G_Churchwell

Christine Churchwell

Software Designer
Twitter: @t2_gal

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tien“Sales enablement. It’s so critical, yet still too complicated.tmp-screens

CEOs, CMOs and senior sales executive universally agree that sales enablement–arming salespeople with the right content and tools at the right time–still isn’t user-friendly and often is just not effective in driving sales.

I believe sales should spend their time hunting for deals–not product sheets and templates. This is why we built Appnetic, a platform that lets anyone create and distribute mobile sales enablement apps in a matter of minutes–with no technical ability whatsoever. Appnetic apps deliver everything sales needs–content, tools, templates, training, alerts–right on their tablet or smartphone. Literally right at their fingertips.”

– T. Wong