Appnetic’s Mission: Let’s make it easier for sales to sell more.

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By Tien Wong
CEO, Appnetic


Appnetic’s mission: To help companies sell more by enabling salespeople to spend less time hunting for the right marketing and sales tools and more time selling.

I believe just about every great company has a clear mission that focuses and drives their efforts to address a need or solve a big problem.  I’m not talking about a mission statement that is created “because we need one” and just sits on a PowerPoint slide–but a genuine raison d’etre or reason for being that is part of the company’s DNA and guides their most important decisions.

Let’s start with the problem to be solved: Salespeople still spend too much of their precious time on non-sales activities and not enough time actually selling.   A recent study found that up to 71% of sales representative’s time is spent not selling. There are several reasons for this, but one of the primary ones is how much time and energy it takes for salespeople to find and use the right versions of their right content and tools–at the right time.


Sales enablement: It’s so important, yet still too complex

One major challenge according to CEOs, CMOs and senior sales executive we’ve talked to is that sales enablement–arming salespeople with the right content and tools at the right time–still isn’t user-friendly and often is just not effective in driving sales. Extranets and portals are outdated and usually too time consuming to navigate.  And marketing doesn’t really know what content works–and what doesn’t.


Sales Is Demanding Mobility–And Companies Are Listening

We know from our research that salespeople are demanding mobile access to their sales content and tools because their tablets and smartphones are the always-on devices they use every minute of every day.  And their employers are starting to listen: In a recent poll of its members the Corporate Executive Board found that 75% said they are already using tablet technology to support sales or plan to begin using tablets within the next 12 months.


My company gave me an iPad. Now what do I put on it?

Distributing tablets to your sales team is a great start, but it’s just part of the solution.  How can they get the right marketing content and sales tools–optimized for mobile–at the “point of persuasion?”  The answer is a custom mobile app that simple to use, fast and easy to update.


Which brings us to Appnetic’s mission:

To help companies sell more by helping salespeople spend more time selling and less time hunting for the right marketing and sales tools.


Appnetic: Mobile Sales Apps in 15 Minutes (No coding)

Our belief that sales should spend their time hunting for deals and not product sheets is why we built Appnetic, a platform that lets anyone create and distribute mobile sales enablement apps in a matter of minutes–with no technical ability whatsoever. Appnetic apps deliver everything sales needs–content, tools, templates, training, alerts–right on their tablet or smartphone. Literally right at their fingertips.


CEOs Hate Silos

Sales and marketing teams need help getting on the same page.  Appnetic believes this requires trust which comes from better transparency.   That’s why Appnetic enables real-time ratings and usage stats on marketing and sales tools and content, so sales and marketing can understand together what content works–and what doesn’t.


On behalf of the entire Appnetic team, we are excited about our mission to make it easier for sales teams to spend more time selling, and to foster more transparency–and trust–between marketing and sales.


We welcome your feedback and ideas–and we thank you for your continued support!



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