Your sales team is on the move. Your content should be too.

Improve sales productivity and marketing insight with appnetic

71% of sales’ time is still spent not selling

appnetic delivers relevant content to your sales team on their mobile devices and provides marketing with actionable data on content performance.

Thousands of sales people use appnetic to close more deals

Just In Time

Access the right content at the right time through a branded app

Sales Productivity

Increase time spent selling and reduce time spent hunting for content

Maximize Opportunities

Share relevant content with your customers while they are engaged

Marketers use appnetic to optimize content performance

Actionable Insight

Real-time data on what content is performing and what is not

Smarter Planning

Use field data to guide future content creation

Unify your message

Send in-app notifications on new content, promotions, and incentives to keep everyone on the same page

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Find all the content, tools, templates and alerts you need—right on your mobile device


Mobilize content and tools from your extranets, portals and Salesforce.


Get real-time usage stats and content ratings to improve sales enablement over time.

Empower sales and enlighten marketing with appnetic